Pragmatism and American Philosophy: a new journal

domenica, 6 Dicembre, 2009

A new journal devoted to Pragmatism and American Philosophy has recently been launched. The journal is peer reviewed and it is published twice a year. The first issue is devoted to Europe and American Pragmatism: influences and interactions. Articles can be downloaded at The next issue will appear in July 2010 and will host a special section on Individualism and community in American Philosophy. People who whish to submit an article should send an abstract before february the 1st 2010. For further details, visit the page Forthcoming of the Journal’s website.

Call for papers Individualism and Community (guest editor: Anthony Graybosch)

The second issue The European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy (2010, 2, 1) will be devoted to the topic of individualism and community. The editors are open to papers which address issues in ethics, social philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of mind and epistemology. Papers which focus on the tension between self and society, between individualism and social commitment, between the social and the solitary, between private edification and social hope are especially welcome. In addition, the editors encourage papers dealing with how the individual self is regarded within American Philosophy. Is the self constituted by it loyalties? Is it the intersection of participation in various communities? Is the self merely a sign?

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