Essentials of Husserl’s phenomenology

mercoledì, 15 Aprile, 2009

Cologne-Leuven Summer School in Phenomenology Cologne, 27-31. July 2009
This Summer School will be held in English language and it should give an insight in the most central themes of husserlian phenomenology: intentionality, evidence, categorial intuition, the eidetic method, transcendental reduction, the levels of constitution, time-constitution, genetic analysis of prepredicative judgement, intersubjectivity, life-world and Husserl‘s critique of science.
The lecturers are: Prof. Dr. U. Melle (Leuven), Prof. Dr. D. Lohmar (Köln), Dr. J. Brudzinska(Köln / Warschau), Dr. A. Altobrando (Köln), Luis Niel and others t.b.d.

Time: Monday-Friday 27-31. July 2009 Each day 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-17.00

Room: University of Cologne, Main Building, Room 4.016
IMPORTANT: Written registration is required before June 10, 2009 because of limited capacities!
Registration is to be done with the secretary of the Cologne Husserl-Archive:

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