From logic to the person: an introduction to Edmund Husserl’s Ethics (by Henning Peucker)

sabato, 7 Novembre, 2009

It’s our pleasure to publish, with the author’s permission, this important contribution on Husserl’s Ethics, already in print on The Review of Metaphysics 62 (December 2008): 307–325. Copyright © 2008 by The Review of Metaphysics. Henning Peucker, of the University of Paderborn, Germany, is the Editor of Husserliana Band XXXVII (Vorlesungen zur Ethik 1920-24).

«MANY POPULAR INTRODUCTIONS to ethics attempt to systematize ethical theories by distinguishing three different types of normative ethics: virtue ethics, which can be traced back to Aristotle, deontological ethics of a Kantian type, and consequentialist theories, including, most importantly, utilitarianism. While such a classification is too broad to tell us anything of much use about the details of most ethical theories, it can be helpful for looking at the guiding but perhaps hidden principles in an ethical theory. However, if we confront the Husserlian ethics with this classification, we will find that it does not fit…» (more)

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