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venerdì, 13 Novembre, 2009

Schutzian Research is an annual journal that seeks to continue the tradition of Alfred Schutz. It seeks contributions that are philosophical, cultural-scientific, or multidisciplinary in character. We welcome a broad spectrum of qualitative and interpretive work, comparable with Schutz’s orientation but not necessarily derived from it. The journal is multilingual in character, with abstracts in English. All submissions are blindly reviewed by at least two experts in the appropriate field.

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Others informations:

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Barber (St. Louis University)

Associate Editors:
Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University)
Hisashi Nasu (Waseda University)
George Psathas (Boston University)
Ilja Srubar (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Honorary Board Members:
Claudia Schutz Gahagan (New York)
Evelyn Schutz Lang (New York)


*Monique Coutinho da Silva & Florence Romijn Tocantins*
Necessidades do familiar no cuidado ao cliente com insufuciencia renal cronica: uma perspectiva para a enfermagem
*George Berguno & Nour Loutfy*
A Phenomenological Study of Sudanese Childrenâ’s Experience of Seeking Refuge in North Africa
*Bernhard Waldenfels*
Doubled Otherness in Ethnopsychiatry
*Wei-Lun Lee*
Psychotherapy as a Locale for Ethical Care:The Reaching into Situated Negativity
*Mary F. Rogers*
Constituted to Care: Alfred Schutz and the Feminist Ethic of Care
*Thomas Luckmann*
Reality as Work
*Sungtae Lee*
In Search of Cosmopolitan Space: A Case for Human Plurality
*Nam-in Lee *
Husserl’s Phenomenology and Schutz’s Phenomenological Sociology
*Kenneth Liberman
The Itinerary of Intersubjectivity in Social Phenomenological Research
*Lester Embree*
Economics in the Context of Alfred Schutz’s Theory of Science
*Chung-Chi Yu*
The Social Theory of Schutz and Phenomenological Psychology
*Denisa Butnaru*
Typification and Phantasia: New Possibilities for an Ontology of the /Lebenswelt/
*Pablo Hermida Lazcano*
Relevancias y planes de vida en el mundo sociocultural

*Alfred Schutz* Journal (translated by Evelyn S. Lang)
Private Family Journal of First Trip to the United States of America in 1937
*Alfred Schutz*
Understanding, Self-reflection and Equality: Alfred Schutz’s Participation in the 1955 Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion

Edited with an Introduction by Michael Barber

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