Cologne-Leuven Summer School: Genetic Phenomenology

venerdì, 26 Marzo, 2010

University of Cologne, Main Building, Room 4.016 – 26/30. July 2010

This Summer School is dedicated to the late Genetic Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl and will be held in English language. The central topics will be the specific genetic themes and methods: transcendental reduction, late eidetic methods, intentional analysis, pre-predicative judgement, the function of types, the late concept of constitution, intersubjectivity, teleology, life-world phenomenology and Husserls critique of science.

These themes will  be presented in lectures together with a discussion, each day during the time 10-13.00. In the afternoon in the time 15-17.00 there will be a textual analysis that should go into some details and in this way help to enhance the understanding.

The lecturers are: Jagna Brudzinska (Cologne / Warsaw), Dirk Fonfara (Cologne), Dieter Lohmar (Cologne), Sebastian Luft (Marquette), Alice Pugliese (Palermo) and Inga Römer (Wuppertal).

We are planning for a level that should help to inform intensively on the  essential topics of Genetic Phenomenology on a medium level but we are also open for discussions of methodical questions on the level of doctoral students and postdocs.

This international Summer School is open for students from all countries. There will be no fee to pay, but because we have no financial support to offer for participiants we strongly encourage you to apply for short term grants at your university or other institutions.

Time: Monday-Friday 26-30. July 2010, each day 10-13.00 and 15-17.00

Location: University of Cologne, Main Building, Room 4.016

Contact: The secretary of the Husserl-Archive (Tel. 0221-470-2367, e-mail:

IMPORTANT: Written registration is required before May 31, 2010 because of limited capacities! Registration is to be done with the secretary of the Archive.

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