Spring School papers on line | Session 2. Social Ontology

martedì, 24 Maggio, 2011

Milano, 7-8-9 giugno 2011

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele – Dibit 1 – Via Olgettina, 58


Making the Social World


Session 2. Social Ontology

Ore 9-13 / 14-18 Aula Aristotele

Frank Hindriks (University of Groningen), The Constitution of Society:

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Alexandra Arapinis (IHPST, Paris 1, ENS), Anchoring the Institutional in
the Material. Searle’s Constitutive Rules Revisited Collective Intentionality

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Olimpia Loddo (University of Milan), The Background Power in Searle’s Social Ontology:

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Daniela Tagliafico (University of Turin), The Paradox of Government: Explaining the Life and Death of a Regime:

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Ivo Silvestro (University of Milan, Bicocca), Expanding the Social World:

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Matjaz Potrc and Terry Horgan (University of Ljubljana), Metaphysically: Lightweight Posits:

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Corrado Roversi (University of Bologna), Mimetic Constitutive Rules:

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Mattia Gallotti (University of Exeter), Irreducible Collective Intentionality:

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