Winter School 2012/13. Sense and sensibility. Empirical and Philosophical Investigations on the Five Senses. The program is on line

martedì, 18 Dicembre, 2012


Tarsila do Amaral - Abaporu (1928) (

Tarsila do Amaral – Abaporu (1928) (

The Research Unit “Person, social cognition and normativity” (Prin 2008), the Research Centre in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person ( and the Research Centre in Experimental and Applied Epistemology ( at San Raffaele University, Milan (Italy), organize the International Conference and Winter School:

Sense and Sensibility. Empirical and Philosophical Investigations on the Five Senses

(Milan, January 17-18, 2013)

download the Winter School 2013 – Program and the Winter School 2013 – Poster.

Scientific Committee and International Reviewers: Roberta De Monticelli (San Raffaele University), Emilia Barile (San Raffaele University), Clotilde Calabi (State University of Milan), Michele Di Francesco (San Raffaele University), Vittorio Gallese (State University of Parma), Jean-Luc Petit (University of Strasbourg & College de France, Paris), Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, SAS, London), Alessandro Salice (University of Wien & University of Basel), Francesca De Vecchi (San Raffaele University), Cristina Meini (University of Eastern Piedmont), Elisabetta Sacchi (San Raffaele University), Vincenzo Santarcangelo (State University of Turin), Andrea Sereni (San Raffaele University), Claudio de’ Sperati (San Raffaele University), Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin)

Organising Committee: Stefano Cardini (Phenomenology Lab), Roberta De Monticelli (San Raffaele University), Michele Di Francesco (San Raffaele University), Claudia Bianchi (San Raffaele University), Francesca De Vecchi (San Raffaele University), Elisabetta Sacchi (San Raffaele University), Andrea Sereni (San Raffaele University), Francesca Boccuni (San Raffaele University)

The conference will take place at

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan (Italy)

on the 17th and 18th of January 2013.


Some practical information concerning the conference:

1. the easiest way to reach San Raffaele University is by catching the underground to Cascina Gobba underground station (MM green line 2). From there:

– either catch the shuttle train purchasing a RETURN ticket for €1.30. If you go for this option, as soon as you get at Cascina Gobba undeground station, look for the signs to Ospedale San Raffaele: these will lead you to the shuttle station. Tickets to the shuttle may be bought at any ticket machine in any metro station (San Raffaele shuttle station included);

– or catch bus number 925 towards Milano 2 – San Raffaele and get off at the stop outside the DIBIT building. In this case you do not need to buy a further ticket, you may use the one you used for the underground.

Here is also a map for getting to San Raffaele.

2. the room where the conference is taking place is “Aristotle”. It’s located in the building named Dibit 1 (the building with a big glass dome on top of it). Here is a map of the building: the room is located on the ground floor (at the top right of this map)

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