Neurophilosophy. Seminario di Shaun Gallagher all’Università degli studi di Milano- 8 marzo 2013

martedì, 5 Marzo, 2013

Università degli Studi di Milano – Dipartimento di Filosofia
via Festa del Perdono, 7


Venerdì 8 Marzo, ore 14.30 aula 435
Shaun Gallagher
(University of Memphis)
Seeing without an I


One can argue that the principle of immunity to error through misidentification (IEM) is contingent or de facto if one associates it with specific forms of access (introspection or proprioception) or aspects of experience (sense of ownership or sense of agency).  All of these aspects can break down in pathologies or be manipulated through experimentation.  I’ll review some of these instances.  In contrast, one can argue for ade jure principle of IEM if one understands it to be essentially tied to the first-person perspective.  I’ll defend this position and I’ll consider the most serious challenge to it by looking at the case of DP ( Zahn et al. 2008) , a person whose visual perception happens in two steps: he sees and then he has to confirm that it is he who is seeing.

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