Good-bye Verona! ORDO AMORIS AND WORLD-OPENNESS Philosophy of Emotions and Process of Individuation of the Person, Verona 2015

mercoledì, 3 Giugno, 2015

Good-bye Verona!

The XIII International Conference of Max-Scheler-Gesellschaft “ORDO AMORIS AND WORLD-OPENNESS Philosophy of Emotions and Process of Individuation of the Person” has successfully come to an end after three very intense days of main lectures, presentations and discussions. The proceedings of it will be soon published by “Thaumazein”. Here are some images…


Dan Zahavi lecturing at the Scheler Tagung Verona 2015           Zachary Davis, Joachim Fischer and Sophie Adler

Roberta Guccinelli, Wai Zhang e Zachary Davis            Guido Cusinato, Michale Gabel and Sabine Maria Kuchta




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