Phenomenology and Mind 12, Special Issue, now online

lunedì, 21 Agosto, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Phenomenology and Mind 12 (Special Issue on “New Trends in Philosophy”) is now online:


Table of Contents




A Snapshot of a New Generation of Philosophers

Laura Caponetto, Bianca Cepollaro      


Invited Contributions


The Practical Turn in Philosophy of Mathematics: A Portrait of a Young Discipline

Valeria Giardino


New Wine in Old Bottles: The Kind of Political Philosophy We Need

Beatrice Magni


What Metalinguistic Negotiations Can’t Do

Teresa Marques


The Myth of Presentism’s Intuitive Appeal

Giuliano Torrengo       


Submitted Contributions


Contextualist Answers to the Challenge from Disagreement

Dan Zeman


How to Dispel the Asymmetry Concerning Retraction

Diogo Santos


Slurs: At-issueness and Semantic Normativity

Simone Carrus


Thomason (Un)conditionals

Andrés Soria Ruiz        


Assertion and the Varieties of Norms

Paolo Labinaz


Chomsky on Analytic and Necessary Propositions

Enrico Cipriani


The Two-Way Relationship Between Language Acquisition and Simulation Theory

Hashem Ramadan        


Rebuilding the Landscape of Psychological Understanding After the Mindreading War

Marco Fenici   


Naturalizing Qualia

Alessandra Buccella     


Carving Mind at Brain’s Joints. The Debate on Cognitive Ontology

Marco Viola    


Looking for Emergence in Physics

Joana Rigato    


Direct Social Perception of Emotions in Close Relations

Andrea Blomqvist         


Me, You, and the Measurement. Founding a Science of Consciousness on the Second Person Perspective

Niccolò Negro  


Empathy, Simulation, and Neuroscience: A Phenomenological Case against Simulation-Theory

Timothy A. Burns         


On Experiencing Meaning: Irreducible Cognitive Phenomenology and Sinewave Speech

John Joseph Dorsch     


Embodied Mind – Ensocialled Body: Navigating Bodily and Social Processes within Accounts of Human Cognitive Agency

Joe Higgins      


Biology, Justice and Hume’s Guillotine

Hugo de Brito Machado Segundo, Raquel Cavalcanti Ramos Machado   


On Solidarity: Gramsci’s Objectivity as a Corrective to Buber’s I-It

Ryan Adams     


The Italian “Difference”. Philosophy between Old and New Tendencies in Contemporary Italy

Corrado Claverini        


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