Phenomenology and Mind 13 is now available online!

venerdì, 5 Gennaio, 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Phenomenology and Mind 13 (Special Issue on “Norm: What is It? Ontological and Pragmatical Perspectives”) is now online at:


Table of Contents


Two Semiotic Shifts in the Philosophy of Norms: Meaning Shift and Referent Shift

Paolo Di Lucia, Lorenzo Passerini Glazel


Section 1. Concepts of Norm, Referents of Norm

Norme: cinq référents

Amedeo Giovanni Conte


Comment je vois le monde du droit  

Paul Amselek


Les critères et l’ordinaire de la norme          

Pascal Richard


Constitutive and Regulative Rules: a Dispute and a Resolution

Adriana Placani


Section 2. Phenomenology of the Normative

Vers une phénoménologie de la normativité. Une circonscription préliminaire du domaine

Pedro M. S. Alves


Eidetics of Law-Making Acts: Parts, Wholes and Degrees of Existence

Francesca De Vecchi


Normative Experience: Deontic Noema and Deontic Noesis

Lorenzo Passerini Glazel


Section 3. Norms, Existence, and Normative Events

On the Question of How Social Rules and Social Norms Exist

Christian Bispinck-Funke


Norms, Norms, and Norms: Validity, Existence and Referents of the Term Norm in Alexy, Conte, and Guastini

Alice Borghi, Guglielmo Feis


Normative Events

Federico L.G. Faroldi


Section 4. Logical and Epistemological Dimensions of Norms

The Challenge of the K-Principle in Deontic Logic (and Well Beyond)

Wojciech Żełaniec


Logical Semantics and Norms: A Kantian Perspective

Sérgio Mascarenhas


The Epistemic Novelty of Norms

Giovanni Tuzet


Section 5. Norms, Language, and Social Practices

Expressing Rules

Giacomo Turbanti


Reconstructing Intersubjective Norms

James Trafford


The Imperative of Reputation Between Social and Moral Norms    

Gian Paolo Terravecchia



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