Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology – Avant, Volume IX, Issue 2/2018

lunedì, 22 Ottobre, 2018

The new issue of Avant on Contemporary Phenomenology is now available online here!

Avant. The Journal Of The Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to current trends in interdisciplinary studies, including cognitive sciences, cognitive and cultural anthropology, social studies of science, or studies on art. It presents the interactions of various disciplines, including philosophy of mind, anthropology, neurobiology, psychology, robotics, sociology, linguistics, and others.

Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology – Avant, Volume IX, Issue 2/2018: INDEX

1. Marzena Adamiak & Marek Pokropski: The Landscape of Contemporary Phenomenology


2. Nicolas de Warren: The Maturity of Stupidity: A Philosophical Attempt on Flaubert and Others


3. Bonnie Mann: Feminist Phenomenology and the Politics of Wonder


4. Marcin Moskalewicz, Michael A. Schwartz, & Tudi Gozé: Phenomenology of Intuitive Judgment: Praecox-Feeling in the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia


5. Alice Togni: Husserl on the Unconscious and Reduction


6. Valerie Oved Giovanini: Unknowability, Persecution, and the Ethical Bind: Reading through the Works of Sigmund Freud and Emmanuel Lévinas


7. Māra Grīnfelde: The Four Dimensions of Embodiment  and the Experience of Illness


8. Jessica Wiskus: From the Body to the Melody: “Relearning” the Experience of Time in the Later Merleau-Ponty


9. Małgorzata A. Szyszkowska: Musical Phenomenology: Artistic Traditions and Everyday Experience


10. Anna Yampolskaya: Metamorphoses of the Subject: Kandinsky Interpreted by Michel Henry and Henri Maldiney


11. Patrick Martin: Between Hermeneutics and Aesthetics: Reconsidering Truth and Method as an “Aesthetics of Truth”


12. Elizaveta Kostrova: The Dyad and the Third Party: The Traces of Simmel’s Distinction in Phenomenology and Family Studies


13. Bianca Bellini: The Link between Intersubjectivity and Self-Shaping in the Light of Phenomenological Philosophy


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