Axiology and Personhood: 3 Lectures on Phenomenological Metaethics – KU Leuven

lunedì, 3 Dicembre, 2018

We are glad to invite you to the following three lecture course that will be given by Prof. De Monticelli, Erasmus visiting professor from San Raffaele University, Milan:

Tuesday 4thof December, 2018: 4 PM (Raadzaal, HIW)

The Paradox of Axiology: A Phenomenological Approach to Value Theory

This first lecture will be part of the reading group on Husserl’s Action Theory and will begin with a common reading of Haupttext VI from Hua XLIII/3 I.

Tuesday 11th of December, 2018: 11 AM (Raadzaal, HIW)

Sensibility, Values and Selfhood – For a Phenomenology of the Emotional life

Monday 17thof December, 2018: 3 PM (PSI.014)

Intentionality, Agency and Personhood: Outline of a Phenomenological Theory of Acts

All welcome!

Please, contact Thomas Byrne to register for the event:

Click here to download the flyer

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