Axiology and Personhood: 3 Lectures on Phenomenological Metaethics – KU Leuven

lunedì, dicembre 3, 2018

We are glad to invite you to the following three lecture course that will be given by Prof. De Monticelli, Erasmus visiting professor from San Raffaele University, Milan:

Tuesday 4thof December, 2018: 4 PM (Raadzaal, HIW)

The Paradox of Axiology: A Phenomenological Approach to Value Theory

This first lecture will be part of the reading group on Husserl’s Action Theory and will begin with a common reading of Haupttext VI from Hua XLIII/3 I.

Tuesday 11th of December, 2018: 11 AM (Raadzaal, HIW)

Sensibility, Values and Selfhood – For a Phenomenology of the Emotional life

Monday 17thof December, 2018: 3 PM (PSI.014)

Intentionality, Agency and Personhood: Outline of a Phenomenological Theory of Acts

All welcome!

Please, contact Thomas Byrne to register for the event:

Click here to download the flyer

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