Year 30: Germany’s Second Chance (Jürgen Habermas)

mercoledì, 7 Ottobre, 2020

Riceviamo da Emanuele Caminada e volentieri riprendiamo questa recente riflessione di Habermas (a proposito di Europa che pensa ancora).


Germany’s leading postwar philosopher offers a magisterial survey of the shadows cast by its history, sensitively distinguishing experiences east and west. He analyses its contemporary challenges, thus illuminated—especially the resurgence of far-right populism—in the evolving context of the Europe of today.

“Thirty years after the seismic shift in world history of 1989-90 with the collapse of communism, the sudden eruption of life-changing events could be another watershed. This will be decided in the next few months—in Brussels and in Berlin too”.

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