Book publication announcement: How Change and Identity Coexist in Personal Individuality (Bianca Bellini)

giovedì, 30 Settembre, 2021

How Change and Identity Coexist in Personal Individuality. A Phenomenological Account of Self-Shaping

This book purports to devise a pattern of the self that accounts for the role that change and identity play in self-shaping. It focuses on the process through which we discover, know and shape ourselves and wonder whether there is a core of our individuality and how we should account for it. The core is described along with its range of possible variations and its constraints. This volume provides arguments on how individual essence – far from being something monolithic – is inherently dynamic.

The text delves into the link between change and identity in self-shaping, arguably the fundamental issue of personal individuality. Different theories and standpoints are addressed and scrutinized. Descriptive phenomenology will enter along with Max Scheler’s stance on axiology, as well as the keystones that account for self-shaping. This book appeals to students and researchers working on the implications of phenomenology for self identification and personal individuality.


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Table of contents

1 The Fundamental Issue of Personal Individuality and Its Significance

2 Theories on Personal Identity Do Not Solve the Fundamental Issue

3 Theories on Self-Imagination Do Not Solve the Fundamental Issue

4 What Does My Self Consist in? A Multilayer Pattern of Personal Individuality

5 How the Multilayer Pattern Solves the Fundamental Issue. Self-Discovery and Readiness for Self-Reorchestration as Overriding Keys to Self-Shaping

6 Exemplariness as the Key to My Self-Possibilities

7 Exemplariness in Comparison with Other Modes of Influence

8 Availability to Self-Reorchestration: A Panoramic View on Life

9 Self-Shaping and Aesthetic Experiences

10 The Transcendence of Personal Individuality and the Role of the Imaginary in Self-Shaping

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