Husserl’s Ethics in the Global Context: the Kaizo Articles and UNESCO

domenica, 17 Settembre, 2023

                                                                                  The Kaizo Articles Centenary Conference II (Louvain, September 11-13, 2023) has successfully ended in the heart of  KU Leuven, where the Husserls Archives are hosted. The conference intended to reassess the meaning of Husserl’s intellectual intervention from a global philosophical perspective, i.e., from the point of view of philosophers who inhabit different cultural, political, and linguistic contexts and orientations. It took place in the framework of the research activity of the current project “Functionaries of Humanity: Husserlian Phenomenology, the UNESCO, and the Problem of Universalism in Science and Culture” (Promotors: Julia Jansen, Current Director of the Archives, and Emanuele Caminada). The conference constitutes the second part of a reflection that the Husserl Archives is conducting with three Japanese colleagues (Genki UemuraToru Yaegashi, and Takashi Suzukiwho organized an initial event in Okayama between 4 and 6 May. It will issue, among other things, a new Japanese edition of the Kaizo Articles and related texts and an English translation of them by Philip Buckley (McGill University, Montreal). Phenomenology Lab is proud to inform our community that the PERSONA  Research Centre participated in this most exciting and definitely very intercultural  Conference. Thanks to the Organizers, thanks to every participant.

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