The new issue of Phenomenology and Mind (n.24/2023) has been published!

venerdì, 27 Ottobre, 2023

We are very happy to announce that the new issue of Phenomenology and Mind  “The True, the Valid, the Normative” has been published. Congratulations to all authors and to the guest editors Paolo Di Lucia e Lorenzo Passerini Glazel!

You can download the issue in open access here.

Table of Contents


Paolo Di Lucia and Lorenzo Passerini Glazel, Introduction. Veritas in Dicto, Veritas in Re

Amedeo Giovanni Conte, Three Paradigms for a Philosophy of the True: Apophantic Truth, Eidological Truth, Idiological Truth

SECTION I. Truth of Language (De Dicto Truth) vs. Truth of Things (De Re Truth)

Roberta De Monticelli, Ockham’s Razor, or the Murder of Concreteness. A Vindication of the Unitarian Tradition

Richard Davies, Monadic Truth and Falsity

Stefano Caputo, One but not the Same

Paolo Heritier, True God and True Man: Some Implications

SECTION II. Truth of Things and the Normative and Axiological Dimensions of Reality

Anna Donise, A Stratified Theory of Value

Venanzio Raspa, On Emotional Truth

Sergei Talanker, No True Persuasive Definition Marginalizes?

Carlos Morujão, Subjective Meanings and Normative Values in Alfred Schutz’s Philosophy of Human Action

SECTION III. Truth, Validity, and Normativity

Pedro M. S. Alves, A Phenomenological Analysis of the Nomothetic Noema. Discussing the De Dicto and De Re Formulations of Normative Sentences

Wojciech Żełaniec, Things We Must Never Do (If Any)

Sara Papic, Can Linguistic Correctness Provide Us with Categorical Semantic Norms?

Virginia Presi, Custom in Action. Ferdinand Tönnies’ Ontology of the Normative

SECTION IV. Truth and Validity in Action: Norm Effectiveness and Nomotropic Behaviour

Pascal Richard, Norms as “Intentional Systems”

Alba Lojo, The Semantic Conception of Efficacy and Constitutive Rules: Mapping a Tough Relationship

Giovanni Bombelli, Normativity, Truth, Validity and Effectiveness. Remarks Starting from the Horizon of the “Common Sense”

SECTION V. Further Contributions

Caterina Del Sordo and Roberta Lanfredini, Matter at a Crossroads: Givenness vs Forceful Quality

Stefano Colloca, On the Deontic Validity of the General Exclusive Norm

Alessandro Volpe, Doing Justice to Solidarity: On the Moral Role of Mutual Support

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