Toward a Science of Consciousness

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Logo Toward Science of counsciousness 2010

Logo Toward Science of counsciousness 2010



University of Tucson- Arizona

April 13-17, 2010 

First Announcement and Call for Abstracts,

Call for Pre-Conference Workshop Proposals
Sponsored by:
The Center for Consciousness Studies,
The University of Arizona

The ninth biennial Tucson conference Toward a Science of Consciousness will take place April 13-17, 2010 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson conferences are known for rigorous, inter-disciplinary approaches to conscious experience. As in previous conferences, the program will include Plenary and Keynote talks, Concurrent talks, Poster presentations, Art/Science demos and exhibits, Pre-Conference workshops, Side trips and Social events.

Session themes will include:

Brain default networks
Stimulus-independent thought
Mind wandering
Non-conscious processing
New technologies
Machine consciousness
Body consciousness
Self and Transformation
William James Centennial

Plenary and Keynote speakers will include:

John Bargh
David Chalmers
Karl Deisseroth
Henrik Ehrsson
Ben Goertzel
Malia Mason
Marcus Raichle
Jonathan Schooler
Robert  G. Shulman
Jeff Warren

more to follow……..
A major focus for the conference will be the inter-related topics of
Stimulus-independent thought, Brain default networks, Mind wandering, and Unconscious processing.

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