Winter School, papers on line: Session 1. Action and agency

sabato, 16 Gennaio, 2010

Milano, 26-27-28 Gennaio 2010

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele – Dibit 1- Via Olgettina, 58


La mente fenomenologica | The Phenomenological Mind


Session 1. Action and agency

ore 9,00-13,00 e 14,30-18,00 – Aula Asclepio

Philip Tonner, University of Oxford, Action, practical agency and evolution or, how phenomenological accounts of intentionality ground cognitive archaeology Download: 01-philip-tonner-ws-2010-s1

Luca Casartelli, Université de Genève, The man is world-forming:Heidegger’s considerations towards a phenomenology of action Download: 02-luca-casartelli-ws-2010-s1

Michele Merritt, University of South Carolina, Michael Thompson, University of South Florida, Authoring and Owning Bodies in Action: Refining the Agency and Ownership Distinction Download: 03-michael-merritt-michael-thompson-ws-2010-s1 and 03-michael-merritt-michael-thompson-chart

Silvano Zipoli Caiani, Università degli Studi di Milano, The many meanings of embodiment Download: 04-silvano-zipoli-caiani-ws-2010-s1

Lodovica Maria Zanet, Università Cattolica di Milano, See clearly to act well. Possible levels of intentionality Download: 05-lodovica-maria-zanet-ws-2010-s1

Donnchadh O’Conaill, Durham University, Attitudes and Actions Download: 06-donnchadh-o-conaill-ws-2010-s1

Lin Nie, Franklin and Marshall College (F&M), Usa, A demonstration of the transition from ready-to-hand to unready-to-hand Download: 07-lin-nie-ws-2010-s1

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