A report from Erfurt, Germany. XII International Max Scheler Gesellschaft

domenica, 26 Maggio, 2013


The XII International Max Scheler Conference (May 22-25, 2013) just closed in Erfurt, Germany, after three and a half days of intense work, opened by charming Cello and Violin performances by young musicians of the local Conservatory, and introduced by a thought provoking address by the current President of the Max Scheler Gesellschaft, Prof. Dr. Michael Gabel, Professor of Fundamental Theology at the University of Erfurt. Hosted by the “Coelicum”, or the high hall of the Catholic Theology Faculty of Erfurt University, just under the heavenly vault, among the spires and steeples of Erfurt’s cathedral, the Conference hosted a series of quite secular papers pretty loosely related to its general subject, “Wurzeln der Technikphilosophie. Max Schelers Technik- und Zivilisationskritik in unterschhiedlichen gesellschaftlichen Kontexten”. Scholars and philosophers from several countries, and among them those who translated/edited Scheler’s works into the corresponding languages, alternated presentations and discussions on practically all the topics of Max Scheler’s wide corpus. The Conference hosted representatives from the United States (Zachery Davis, New York; Eric Mohr, Pittsburg); France (Olivier Agard, Paris); Russia (Mikail Khorkov, Moscow); Latin America (Enrique Munoz, Marcello Chaparro, Thalca, Chili; Ricardo Gibu, Angel Xolocotzi, Mexico, Mexico); Ireland (Susan Gottloeber, Maynooth); Italy (Daniela Verducci, Macerata; Andrea Bartoletti, Leonardo Allodi, Bologna; Guido Cusinato, Verona; Roberta Guccinelli, Lucca, Roberta de Monticelli, Milan), Czech Republic (Hans Rainer Sepp, Prague) and Germany (Ulrich F. Wodarzich, Worms; Wolfgang Henckmann, Munich; Arthur Depner, Augsburg; Stephan Fritz, Freiburg; Anna Piazza, Erfurt).

On the same occasion, the Scientific Board of the Max Scheler Gesellschaft (http://www.max-scheler.de/) was extended and partially renewed. After expressing their gratitude to the outgoing President, Prof. Michael Gabel, the assembly unanimously elected Prof. Guido Cusinato, one of the most active Scheler editors and scholars in Italy, as well as a reputed author in phenomenology and metaphysics, to its Presidency. The next International Conference of the Max Scheler Gesellschaft (2015) will be held at the University of Verona, Italy. The President elect’s program envisages a deep renewal of methods and horizons, which would open up the Society’s work to a steady confrontation with the most challenging subjects and research programs in phenomenology, the cognitive and the practical issues in contemporary science and philosophy, included philosophy of mind and more generally analytical philosophy.

Last but not least, it’s our pleasure to report the announce, given on occasion of this Conference and of the centennial anniversary of Formalismus’ First edition (1913), of the bilingual, German-Italian edition of this masterwork, edited by Roberta Guccinelli, also author of the new Italian translation and of an Introduction: Max Scheler, Il formalismo nell’etica e l’etica materiale dei valori – Nuovo tentativo di fondazione di un personalismo etico, Classici Bompiani Testi a fronte, Milano 2013.

The Phenomenology Lab has the pleasure to offer its virtual space for discussions, information about next initiatives, papers or books published or about to come out, to all participants in the Erfurt Conference. Please see our (quite easy) directions for registering on top of the Lab’s page, on the right. Your comments and criticisms are welcome! Let’s keep in touch!

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