The new issue of “Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences” is on line

lunedì, 2 Settembre, 2013

The new issue of Phenomenology and the Cognitive SciencesPhenomenal Intentionality Past and Present (Vol. 12, Issue 3, September 2013) has been published.

Here is the List of Contents of the current issue.

Uriah Kriegel
Phenomenal intentionality past and present: introductory


Arnaud Dewalque
Schema of the Brentano School intellectual progeny


Arnaud Dewalque
Brentano and the parts of the mental: a mereological approach to phenomenal intentionality


Mark Textor
Brentano on the dual relation of the mental


John Tienson
Kasimir Twardowski on the content of presentations


Kenneth Williford
Husserl’s hyletic data and phenomenal consciousness


Mark Rowlands
Sartre, consciousness, and intentionality


Uriah Kriegel
Understanding conative phenomenology: lessons from Ricœur


Elijah Chudnoff
Gurwitsch’s Phenomenal Holism

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