The sixth issue of Phenomenology and Mind, “Mind, Habits and Social Reality”, is now on-line!

martedì, 8 Luglio, 2014


We are very glad to inform you that the current issue of Phenomenology and Mind. The Online Journal of the Research Centre in Phenomenology and Sciences of the PersonMind, Habits and Social Reality, (Vol. 6) is now online at:

We would like to thank all the contributors to the issue for their work and we hope you all will enjoy the final result!


The present volume of Phenomenology and Mind is dedicated to the topic of habit, especially in its personal and social aspects. The phenomenological tradition has produced a number of interesting and fruitful reflections on habits, importantly challenging the often too sharply drawn distinction between nature and culture. The notion of habit is crucial in understanding Husserl’s phenomenology. The ante-predicative framing of types in perception and the felt movement of the lived-body, the framing of position-takings in logically, evaluatively, and practically formed judgments, the rational stances one can adopt, e.g., in interpersonal discourse, or the attitudes shaping one’s conceptual grasp of the world – in all these instances conscious life decisively involves elements of habit (types, positions, stances, attitudes, etc.).
(from the Introduction)

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