Spring School “”Naturalism, the First-Person Perspective and the Embodied Mind” – All videos on youtube!

domenica, 28 Settembre, 2014

We are proud to announce that all videos of San Raffaele Spring School of Philosophy 2014 “Naturalism, the First-Person Perspective and the Embodied Mind” are now on-line on Youtube!

Below the available links.

Keynote Speaker

LYNNE RUDDER BAKER Cartesianism and the First-Person Perspective

Invited Speakers

MARIO DE CARO Naturalism and Realism

ROBERTA DE MONTICELLI Haecceity? A Phenomenological Perspective 

MICHELE DI FRANCESCO Real Selves? Subjectivity and the Subpersonal Mind

DERMOT MORAN Defending the Trascendental Attitude: Husserl’s Concept of the Person and the Challenges of Naturalism

MICHAEL PAUEN How Naturalism Can Save the Self

MASSIMO REICHLIN First-Person Morality and the Role of Conscience

KATHERINE SONDEREGGER Naturalism and the Doctrine of Creation


GAETANO ALBERGO The First Person Perspective Requirement in Pretence

BIANCA BELLINI For a Faithful Description of the First Person Perspective Phenomenon: Embodiment in a Body that Happens to be Mine

SOFIA BONICALZI Compatibilism, Agency and the First-Person Perspective

VALENTINA CUCCIO Embodied Simulation and Mental Representations. Towards a Direct Role of the Body in Language Comprehension

PATRICK ELDRIDGE Observer Memories and Phenomenology

GIUSEPPE LO DICO Introspection Illusion and the Methodological Denial of the First-Person Perspective

ALAN MCKAY Constitution, Mechanism, and Downward Causation

ALFREDO TOMASETTA Is ‘Person’ Our Primary Kind?

MARC ANDREE WEBER First-Person Perspectives à la Baker: They Are Not What They Seem

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