Workshop Phenomenology Today – Maria Chiara Bruttomesso “Empathy and Perception”

martedì, 3 Maggio, 2016

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University – Milan

International Permanent Workshop
Phenomenology today: some popular issues
Embodied Cognition, Empathy, Normativity/Values, Social Cognition

Thursday May 5th, 2016
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Room Fleming (DIBIT 1)

Maria Chiara Bruttomesso (University of Verona)

Empathy and Perception
Abstract — The notion of empathy is currently being debated from an interdisciplinary perspective and has recently been interpreted by Gallagher and Zahavi as a “direct perception” in its basic layer. In order to understand the embodied encounter of others, I suggest a redefinition of perception as affectively shaped through bodily constitution, values, emotions and personal experiences. This results in avoiding any “mindreading”. By connecting Edelman’s interpretation of values with the concept of expressivity in the empathic experience, which is traceable in Scheler’s theories and partially in Darwin’s studies, perception is shown to lose any neutral and purely passive character. After such premise, I therefore claim that movements themselves can acquire direct significance in the intersubjective sphere, so that they do not require a high-order interpretation, both in basic expressivity and in some cases of behaviors directly perceived as meaningful through habit.
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