Souvenir from Milan

lunedì, 13 Giugno, 2016

On behalf of the whole organizing board of SRSSP 2016, we thank everybody for participating to this year’s edition, on Emotions, Normativity, and Social Life. From the messages we got, it seems it has been an inspiring place of encounter and discussion for all.

We are just posting here some images – we wish we had some more convivial ones: if you have a nice one, just send it to (with a comment if you feel like, or even a theoretical follow-up, a suggestion for next year’s Spring School or advice on related conferences to come). Anyway, the videos of all speakers who gave their permission will be soon available on youtube.

Good Summer holidays to everybody, and let’s keep in touch!

20160608_091226 SRSSP_opening 2016-06-06 15.43.18 Candiotto Caponetto Carrus Cella Cepollaro Felletti Fuchs Fuchs_2 Galeotti Jeshion Mehmel Popa

Terravecchia MunMaffei Lohmar Hayward HarcourtDe Monticelli BevilacquaBerkovski 2016-06-06 15.43.18

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