Call for papers “Phenomenology, Axiology and Metaethics”

martedì, 28 Dicembre, 2021

Call for papers “Phenomenology, Axiology and Metaethics”

Special issue of the journal Phenomenology and Mind

Deadline for paper submissions: February 15th, 2022
The issue will be published in December 2022

Call for Papers

Today the philosophical debate on values and their possible experience is still one of the most crucial to engage with. This is not just because of the ethical, social or political upshots it can possibly have, but also because of the theoretical issues it posits, which still need to be deeply investigated. Such an investigation is perhaps particularly required on the side of phenomenology. Indeed, even though classic phenomenologists such as Husserl, Scheler, Stein, Ingarden, von Hildebrand and others have dedicated important works to these themes, their heritage still needs to be explored and further developed, in particular to make a phenomenological discourse on axiology that can be fruitfully put in dialogue with other philosophical perspectives on the status of values, such as those developed and still discussed in the metaethical debate.
Against this background, the journal Phenomenology and Mind invites submissions for a special issue dedicated to “Phenomenology, Axiology, and Metaethics”. The volume will aim at providing phenomenological insights both on the noematic side of the issue, investigating the nature of axiological properties, and on the noetic side, focusing on the experience of such properties. In this context, a – non-exhaustive – list of possible questions to investigate is the following:

  • What is the nature of axiological properties?
  • What is the relation between axiological properties and natural ones?
  • Can the relation between axiological properties and natural ones be accounted for in terms of phenomenological Fundierung? And what about accounting for them in terms of supervenience?
  • How can we phenomenologically describe the relation between goods and values?
  • Is it possible to develop an actual material axiology? What would it be like?
  • How do we experience axiological properties?
  • Can we account for the experience of axiological properties in perceptual terms?
  • What is the role of intuition – if any – in the experience of axiological properties? How should intuition be conceived properly in this context?
  • Is the experience of axiological properties a form of feeling? How should we describe it?

Guest Editors

Andrea Cimino (KU Leuven)
Dermot Moran (Boston College)
Andrea Staiti (University of Parma)

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be prepared for double blind review. Manuscripts – in .doc format – should not contain any identifying information and must not exceed 6000 words (references included).
Moreover, they must contain:
– An abstract of no more than 150 words
– 4/5 keywords

All manuscripts must be in English

For stylistic details, see: Author guidelines;

Submissions should be sent via the Phenomenology and Mind website (see) by February 15th, 2022.

The author should register here and then log in to submit her paper. Please, be sure to submit your paper to the session “Phenomenology, Axiology, and Metaethics”

For information, please contact: and

Important dates:

Deadline for submissions: February 15th, 2022
Notification of acceptance: April 15th, 2022
Publication of the issue: December 2022

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