The issue N. 8 of “Phenomenology and Mind” is now on-line!

mercoledì, 23 Dicembre, 2015

A Christmas Present: The issue N. 8 of “Phenomenology and Mind” – Philosophy and the Future of Europe – is now online here

This last issue will soon be joined by the past ones, now here:

Thanks to all contributors for the generosity and patience they showed despite the delay in publication, due to the change of Publisher. We closed the issue during the “Grexit” crisis, and had to modify its presentation after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13. Yet the pregnancy, relevance and timeliness of every contribution seems unchanged. This shows once more that all the texts were conceived in full harmony with the title of this issue – Philosophy and the future of Europe. Philosophy must pay a deep attention to the present time, but it is no sheer servant to current news. We are sure that the analyses contained in this issue will enlighten both the advanced researchers and the general public for a long time to come.

Merry Christmas to everybody – and may Europe enter a better year than the one just ending.

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